Letter to the Editor – mythunderstandings


Dear Editor,

Living in North Grenville, but now unfortunately just outside of the revised delivery routes, I make an effort to pick up NG Times each weekend at a local retailer in an effort to catch up on local news. I find the Times does an excellent job of keeping me informed, however I often am forced to contort my disbelief to the point of causing me significant mental anguish when I stumble upon another “mythunderstandings” article, or a supportive letter to the editor on one of his recent articles. I have tried in vain to skip over these sections of the Times, but my curiosity inevitably gets the best of me and I indulge.

I had promised myself not to respond to these annoying diatribes and over the past couple of months I had managed to honour the promise I had made to myself, but when my frustration hits the boiling point, I find I need the cathartic release I receive through submitting a response.

I applaud Christian apologists, many of whom are extremely creative at developing novel arguments in an effort to explain why atheists and anyone who follows alternative religious beliefs is misguided and misleads (or to rephrase: mythguided and mythlead). The latest argument by Mr. Van Dam in comparing proof of the resurrection to witness evidence at a court of law is definitely one of the most creative I have read so far. Using Jesus and John as “those two reliable witnesses are more than sufficient evidence of the truth of the resurrection”, strikes me as a very interesting rationalization for belief in the resurrection and the other stories as expounded in the bible (a fictional novel I have read cover to cover and quite enjoyed for what it is; a series of fantastic short stories).

What I struggle to understand is if the belief in the Christian myth and all his accompanying baggage requires no actual physical or tangible proof, why then must Christians contrive these pretzel-like arguments in an attempt to drag the rest of us over to their point of view. If I wanted to be Christian I certainly know where to go to receive the appropriate indoctrination. I don’t need the Times to help me to “see the light”.

To mis-quote Shakespeare, “These Christians doth protest too much”. Think about it.
Don Palmer


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