Letter to the editor – Municipal Elections


Dear Editor,

I think it’s time for Mr. Gordon, Ms. Tobin, and Mr. Onasanya to step aside. Their contributions or lack there of in some situations are negative or non-existent. We want decision makers, not photo opportunists for their 2-10 family members and buddies who follow them on Twitter. The new candidates in Mr. McCormick, Mr. McManaman, Mr. Johnston, Ms. Peckford, Ms. Strackerjan, Ms. O’Sullivan etc. bring fresh faces and ideas to a stagnant and complacent group of elected officials.

I can honestly say that I feel that Mr. Bertram is doing a pretty good job, considering his obstacles. His efforts, given his personal difficulties, as well as dealing with this current council, are commendable. He is an example for the other current council members to follow.

It’s great that Kemptville, in particular, is enjoying a boom in terms of population and business (to a certain degree). However, I think if you can’t improve and solidify what is already in place here (County Road 43, sidewalks, proper lighting, etc. etc. etc.), you’re not doing enough to help the municipality and its people.

I hope the citizens of this municipality treat this election as an opportunity to make things better, instead of a high school-level popularity contest, as I know we deserve much more than what the majority of this council has given.

Steve, Kemptville


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