Letter to the Editor – Municipal Elections


Dear Editor,

As the October 24 municipal election approaches, we should remember every vote counts, especially in our rural municipality which like so many others, the voter turnout rarely exceeds 50 per cent.

Every four years, we have the freedom to participate in our local, democratic process. North Grenville provides fire and police services (via the OPP), parks, public libraries, municipal roads, and water and sewage within Kemptville. These represent how our property-tax dollars are spent. Our vote is important.

We have to be thoughtful in consideration of the candidates for whom we vote. Good candidates will not promise what they cannot control. Promises beyond the scope of municipal powers defined in the Municipal Act are disingenuous. Good candidates offer a vision to the community based on the length of their experience in our community. Their vision of our shared future must speak to our needs and aspirations.

A good candidate must be steeled to be disliked because difficult decisions must be made in the face of pressures put on the municipality by matters over which the council has limited or no control. Difficult or unpopular issues affecting the community will arise and must be tackled.

Council membership is a collaborative responsibility. Successful candidates can only commit to what they can influence under the limitations of their role as councillors. As decisions come to be made there will be disagreements, but councillors must work in a collegial environment. The council chamber is no place for single-issue members or party politics.

We know the current council was elected in a sweep four years ago, they cleaned the mess left by previous administrations. They have made great strides from a standing start to set North Grenville on the cusp of a brighter future.

I think, therefore I vote.
Michael Whittaker



  1. I’m saddened and disappointed that a candidate for council would publicly respond in such what I believe to be a threatening way. Unfortunately this has tainted my opinion of this want to be council member.


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