Letter to the editor – municipal elections


Dear Editor,

Thank you Stephen Hammond for your two-part article in the NG Times under the title “We are the ones we’re waiting for” (Page 4, September 12 issue and page 7, September 19 issue). I totally agree with almost everything you say. You have restored my belief that there actually are people out there with a common sense approach to things. I particularly appreciate the summary you expressed in the last paragraph of the second article where it states, “11) Let’s celebrate what we already have, which includes an abundance of parks and public property facilities that would be the envy of many crowded urban areas…But until we’ve dealt with getting our existing costs and taxes to a more sustainable and affordable level, let’s hold off creating more white elephant projects.”

To date, the only council candidate I’ve heard say these same things is Barb Tobin who is a cheerleader for “what we have”, albeit with total agreement that we may need some tweaking in certain areas. Mr Hammond, maybe YOU should have run in this current election! From what I hear, many of your thoughts are very strong among the “silent majority”.

Diana Scanlan


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