Letter to the editor – municipal election results


Dear Editor,

The recent election in our municipality was interesting to follow as it approached, reading the candidate profiles, attending the Candidate Debates??(the format didn’t really lend to debate, but it did allow us to see them thinking on their feet on a variety of topics). Voters had numerous options to cast their vote and a week to do so. You could vote on line, by phone, or stand in line on election day and physically put pencil to paper.

I have to think that it is disheartening for the candidates who have invested so much time, effort, and money to put themselves forward to represent us, the citizens of North Grenville, to see the lack of interest by more than half of eligible voters to find the motivation to exercise their right to vote for the people to guide our community over the next four years. Only 47.1% of eligible voters found the motivation to use one of the methods to vote. Less than half of the eligible voters made the decision on who will run the municipality for the next four years.. That means that the majority of eligible voters were too apathetic, or disinterested in the welfare of our community, to avail themselves of one of the options to vote. I put it that way, because I cannot see how a person could be so busy they could not find the few minutes in a week to do this. I even saw a post from one of our residents who was in South Africa last week, and they were able to vote on line.

I would like to thank the outgoing council for their long hours working to the best of their abilities to make our community a better place to live for us all. We may not agree with everything they have done, but I have to think that they had the better interests of our community in mind when they made the decisions they did. I found myself too often scratching my head trying to understand some of the moves they made. It appears obvious to most residents that voters were not happy with the way our government was being run, as the entire slate of the previous council was swept from office.

In fairness, I should point out that Jim Bertram had offered for mayor, rather than reoffering for council. I am not sure who could have slowed the steamroller that was Nancy Peckford, as she polled more votes than her three opponents combined.

I am puzzled, though, by the fate of Deron Johnston, as he, I think, after missing his chance to serve last time, proved to me and many others that he wanted to serve North Grenville on council, and he worked very hard over the last four years to convince people that he wanted the job, and that he had a real contribution to make to our community. I am not sure about this, but this conspiracy theory was put to me this morning that maybe people felt he was already on the council and threw him out with the others. I do not know, but I think our council is diminished without him at the table.

I also want to wish the incoming council, strength, wisdom, patience and clear communication with the constituents, and hope that you can come together as a team to work for North Grenville; because that is the mandate you have been given. Please do not feel that you have to do this on your own. There are many in the community who would be happy to work with you.

David Herman


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