Letter to the editor – Municipal election


Dear Editor,

In the most recent edition of the NG Times, Stephen Hammond raised a number of issues that are worthy of comment. He asked about prospective candidates attendance at council meetings. I have been to some myself over the years. I find them riveting in the extreme, particularly on nights when the power is out, or the TV is down. Of course I jest, but, in my opinion, attendance at meetings of our present council is generally pointless and an absolute waste of the time I may have left on this planet. One such meeting is plenty for any prospective candidate to learn how not to do things, should they be successful in becoming elected. I applaud Mr. Hammond for his courage and determination in attending so many.

I would take issue with his comment, essentially saying that, in order to become mayor, you should first serve as a councillor. I disagree. Better not to be corrupted by the existing setup. It’s very refreshing to see two individuals who are not presently on council, one completely fresh, Nancy Peckford, aspiring to jump in at the deep end, and one who may have been a councillor back in the dark ages, Elwood Armour, afraid I don’t remember.

With regard to Nancy and Kristen, one running for Mayor and one running for council, I am afraid I was not at the meeting where, as residents of this community, I understand that they submitted a proposal for a splash pool and community mini centre. Should the splash pad get approved and built in my lifetime, look for the wrinkly old guy in the bright red Speedo….

However, if I read them correctly, (having attended the All Candidates meeting on Tuesday – arriving by the way, for a meeting advertised as being between 5:30 and 9:30 and missing supper as a result – my feeling is that should either of these two bright, intelligent individuals be fortunate enough to be elected, they would follow due process, and carry out due diligence to ascertain that such projects fit in the “nice to have” bracket once the municipality has got its priorities in order a few years down the road. They will likely start with re-educating themselves as to the basic reason that Municipal councils exist, and the basic services they must provide. The tax base (aka “we the people”) are getting a little fed up with having no options other than to put up, shut up, or sell up.

I await the election with baited breath!

David Adams


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