Letter to the editor – Merrickville & District Historical Society,


Dear Editor,

This refers to your article entitled, “Historical Society Seeks Clarity.” As a life member of the Merrickville & District Historical Society, I was very surprised to read of the decision made by the executive of the MDHS to possibly discontinue management of the Blockhouse Museum.

According to its mandate, set out approximately fifty years ago, (in part) the MDHS has a responsibility to: administer the Blockhouse Museum, and artifacts therein; and hold lectures throughout the year of an historical nature.

The Annual General Meeting is held once a year at which time the executive is elected, and issues brought to the attention of the membership. This has not been done, nor has any effort been made to communicate the society’s situation, which appears to be dire enough to warrant abdicating its major raison d’etre. Would this not be a constitutional change? Has this already been made by the executive? As a longstanding member of the Merrickville & District Historical Society, I would like to know. And I would like to know in a more timely manner than reading it in the local paper.

Gillian Gray


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