Letter to the editor – Merrickville CAO


Dear Editor,

It is unfortunate Merrickville CAO Robertson was not able to correctly answer a question from the public at the Sept. 4th Council meeting regarding workplace investigations. He is quoted as stating: “Whenever an employer is aware of a harassment complaint, they must hire a workplace investigator”. The current Ontario Health and Safety Act states: “…employers must ensure that an investigation is conducted..”, and, “..an employer should deal with workplace harassment..”

An investigation can be carried out by: “..someone in/or associated with the workplace or organization”, or lastly, “someone from outside the organization..”, such as a lawyer etc. Nowhere does it state they must hire an investigator.

I would think an organization with the experience and skills of our current Council of seven, and our many recent CAOs, supervising a small staff of about 10, investigations into a workplace complaint would and could effectively be handled internally.

Brian Hendrick


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