Letter to the editor – Merrickville CAO responds


Merrickville-Wolford CAO addresses letter to the editor

In response to a Letter to the Editor from Merrickville resident, Brian Hendrick, Merrickville-Wolford CAO, Doug Robertson, would like it clarified that he is fully aware that the Health and Safety Act requires that an employer conduct an investigation, not necessarily hire a workplace investigator, in the case of potential workplace harassment. When an employer becomes aware of a potential incident of workplace harassment, the employer must conduct an investigation that is appropriate under the circumstances, regardless of whether or not a complaint has been made.

Doug would like to reiterate his answer to a resident’s questions in the Council meeting on September 10 (not September 4). Council acted on the advice of the municipality’s lawyer and hired a properly trained, impartial workplace investigator. This was done to ensure that the investigation conducted is appropriate under the circumstances, to protect the integrity of the investigation, and to minimize the potential for costly lawsuits.

Doug would like to assure the public that the workplace investigator has been working quickly and efficiently to achieve a timely resolution.


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