Letter to the editor – Mayoral Candidates Meeting


Dear Editor,

Thursday was not a good day for me, so I was unable to attend the mayoralty candidates meeting. However, thanks to the North Grenville Times, I was able to watch the meeting via an internet process. I can’t believe what I heard about the Kemptville College purchase. There were no purchasers lined up at the door. Had the council said: “stick your publication and gag order”, the college/province would have backed down. How much taxpayer money has been paid for the acquisition process? Costs would have to include municipal staff time, legal fees, registration fees, lease preparation etc. Mayor Gordon’s suggestion that highway 43 costs will be a 3-way, federal, provincial, county cost, and not mentioning a municipal share, is not accurate. Sidewalks, property acquisition, legal and utility relocation costs will be something we have to share. If we have a federal PC government next time, then we may have a hope for infrastructure money; but construction won’t happen in the next four years.

In any case, I rank the candidates as follows: (1) Jim Bertram (2) Nancy Peckford (3) David Gordon and, if there was a 10th it would be Elwood Armour. In part, I base these ratings on questions/answers found on Facebook.

I strongly urge residents to search facebook, find each candidate and read their replies to people. If you can’t find their facebook accounts then email them. Email address can be found on municipal web sites.

Bill Gooch


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