Letter to the editor mail kiosk


Dear Editor,

Re the letter in the April 15 issue of your paper regarding the kiosk on Dr. Gordon Crescent.

I pick up my mail almost every day and talk to other residents from a safe distance. Not once did I hear any comments about the condition of the kiosk, nor was I made aware there would be a public complaint made by the residents of Dr. Gordon, through your paper. The signature implied that all of the residents were in agreement.

I am not!

Our municipal workers did an excellent job of snow removal this Winter, and swept the street entirely to remove the sand and debris this Spring. Again, an excellent job.

Under the current circumstances (Covid-19), we should be saying THANK YOU to these people, as they are risking exposure to themselves and their families every day, just going to work. A bit of sand under our feet is a very small problem in current times.

With respect,
A Resident of Dr. Gordon Crescent


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