Letter to the editor – local post office


Dear Editor,

On Saturday morning after, returning from my morning walk along the rail trail. Once off the trail and on to Prescott St., I put on my mask to enter the post office. The sign says that the Post Office is open on Saturdays from 9AM until noon. I am expecting a parcel from my daughter. It was 9:35AM and the Post Office was not open. Lucky for me, someone ahead of me allowed me to enter so I could check my Box, as my husband and I have only one key for the outside door and I didn’t have it on me. The lady ahead of me told me she had four post office packages she was to pick up. I checked the time that is posted on the outside door and it clearly states, even on the COVID signs, that the Post Office on Saturdays is open at 9AM.

I must say, I have heard many complaints about our new Post Mistress. If I have to go inside to pick something up or mail a parcel, even though I wear my mask, she backs up to get as far away from me as she can, even though there is a plexiglass screen between us. I have often said to my husband: ” you would think I had The Plague”. She is not friendly, but seems very fearful of people. She is not a very good representative of our National Postal Service.

I plan on writing a letter to Canada Post.

Annoyed in Kemptville, Josephine Herman


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