Letter to the editor – local OPP


Dear Editor,

I thought I’d take a minute and write a quick letter in regards to our local OPP. I’ve been a resident in the Kemptville area since 1964. I’ve been here all my life. In my early years in Kemptville I struggled with drug and alcohol abuse for many years. Throughout those years I had many run-ins with the police and I got to know the judges pretty good throughout the 80s into the early 90s. And of course over the years I got to know the police pretty good or rather they got to know me pretty good. I recently ran into an opp still on duty by the name of Jeff we reminisced of our early years him as a rookie OPP, me as an alcoholic know-it-all. We both had a couple of really good laughs he remembered and commented to me that I was always polite and never too much trouble other than my alcoholism and my drug abuse. And I couldn’t help but recall how nice Jeff always treated me as bad as things were in my life my chips always seemed to be down. I guess I’m just writing this letter just thank you Jeff and his fellow officers for the great job they’ve always done in our community. Thank you for your wonderful service.

Signed: forever grateful.


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