Letter to the Editor – Local Businesses


Dear Editor,

Thank you for your excellent article spotlighting the struggles of local businesses during this unprecedented time. It must be heart wrenching for owners to struggle daily just to stay afloat. North Grenville Times provides a valuable service in reminding us all to “shop local” to help keep our business community viable.

Why then does “The Food Corner” recipe, written by one of the self-same struggling business owners, contain a suggestion that we look for dried shiitake mushrooms at a) a grocer well outside of our local area and b) from a national retailer who is unlikely to have any interest in our community beyond a number on a spreadsheet?!

I’m sure this concoction is, as stated, “a winner”. I am equally sure that there are dozens of equally amazing recipes that make use of ingredients that can be sourced locally.

What a sadly wasted opportunity.

Lesley Wilson


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