Letter to the Editor – Litter


Dear Editor,

With the return of the warm weather, it is nice to drive around. We live by Bolton Road, a nice country road, not yet paved, but we can always hope for that. If you have a chance to drive down Bolton, I am sure you will be amazed by the quantity of garbage being spread along the road. My wife and I picked up some garbage like we do twice a year along the road, close to our property. On a distance of about 2 kms, we have filled more than 15 garbage bags… I am not sure what to think about people travelling along that road. They must have a very clean car and do not care about the environment at all. Attitudes of disrespectful, irresponsible, rude people, to say the least. I have a few suggestions for the municipality to help mitigate the problem.

I understand there is such a thing as Pitch-in week, but I am not really sure what it accomplishes. What I suggest is that during that week, use the municipal staff, including the fire trucks, to go around to make noise and distribute yellow bags. Another suggestion is to post signs at strategic locations with anti dumping and fines signs. If budget is of concern, I suggest you look at the tourist budget….before we try to attract tourism, we should take care of our internal problems. Last suggestion, pass a law as in Germany, were everyone is responsible to clean the front of their property; however, this takes guts, and after what happened at the South Branch…I doubt that anything will be done.

PS, I know why Tim Horton is a proud sponsor of the yellow bags…

Yves St-Pierre


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