Letter to the Editor – Lawn Signs


Dear Editor,

The strangest thing: Last weekend, we witnessed someone taking a No Prison lawn sign from our property around midnight. It wasn’t what I might have assumed – a prankster or overly-refreshed citizen carelessly grabbing a sign while walking by. No.

Instead, it was a young woman, no older than 25, with blonde hair, wearing red checkered casual pajama pants. She was a passenger in a sleek silver sedan driven by a man. She got out of the car, looked around, pulled the sign out of our front lawn and loaded it through a window into the car, got back in the car and was driven away. So calm, and seemingly planned! Weird!

You’ve got to wonder. Did anyone else’s No Prison sign disappear? And also, what other supply-chain problems might we encounter this spring, if someone is strategically removing political signs to use to stake up sugar snap peas in their garden?

Andrea Hossack
Kemptville resident,
and member of CAPP


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