Letter to the Editor – Kudo’s to the Staff at KDH


Dear Editor,

Kudo’s to the Staff at KDH.

I have been waiting a long time for hip surgery. This would be my second hip replacement, delayed by the pandemic and hospital schedules. When I finally got the call, it was with a sense of relief, but also trepidation. I have lived with pain now for over three years since I started the whole process of signing up for surgery. One does get used to the pain, and I felt I could just live with the pain rather than go through surgery. When the day of surgery arrived, I felt like getting into my car and taking a long drive down east. I really did not want to go through it all again.

Once arriving at the hospital, the staff quickly took charge and eased my fears. I can’t say it was a wonderful feeling, but I can say for sure that the nurses, doctors, and anaesthesiology personnel were amazing. And, best of all, it was done right here at the Kemptville District Hospital, only five minutes away from where I live, whereas the first operation took place in Brockville.

And now, three days later, and I can actually say that I feel good. Most of the pain has gone. I don’t remember much about the operation, but I do remember how good the doctors, nurses and anaesthesiologist were as I was wheeled into the operating room. Their sense of humour really helped, as did, of course, the drugs to knock me out.

I would like to thank the entire staff for being so patient with me, and I am so grateful that we have this service right here in North Grenville. I was offered surgery in Hawksbury but turned it down last year.

Thank you

Marguerite Boyer



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