Letter to the editor – kindness


Dear Editor,

I live in apartment on the west side of Prescott St. I take the path along the green fence which takes me to Rueben Street in front of the Legion; from there I walk along the paved path in front of the swimming pool building, around the parking lot to the running track at the football field. I like this, as I am away from the threat of distracted drivers for my daily walk. Due to the snowfall last evening, the path by the green fence was blocked. A gentleman was blowing the snow from his driveway on the west side of Rueben St. So I stopped and asked if he could clear the path along the fence. When I returned from my walk, he was just finishing up the path. I know the high school students use that path to get access to Prescott Street and the pizzeria, as they tend to leave the paper plates and pop cans behind on the path, which I clean up, but that’s a topic for another day. I just want to publicly thank this man for his kindness. I really appreciated it and I am sure the high school students do too.

Josephine Herman


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