Letter to the editor – Kindness activist


Dear Editor,

After only being able to make it through a few of last week’s “Letter’s to the Editor” because of the strong reaction I felt in my body, I felt compelled to write in myself this week. So often, it can be very easy to share our thoughts of unhappiness, our fears, our comments of disagreement with other people and their ideas, or making sure people remember “What can you/they do for me?” Why else use a public forum? Right?

Well, today I am here to challenge this direction. I would love to talk about kindness! Crazy, I know… who talks about kindness and actually gets reads? Let’s give it a try. There are so many amazing people in our community, too many to even begin to list, but every day I walk into another person who shows me their heart rather than their thoughts. From keeping the door open for me at the bank, or the post office, to making eye contact with a smile while walking down the street, and even, a random cup of coffee at the coffee shop that arrived on a day where I was feeling a little more down. All these moments lift me up a little more, bring more joy to my day, re-instate my knowledge that humanity is an act of beauty. And if one person holding the door, or watching someone help someone else can lift and empower me so much… imagine what a few acts of kindness on a public forum could do to our community.

We often hear the Ghandi quote “You must first be the change that you wish to see in the world”. This community shows me they are ready for change, and now we just need to work on being a little louder with this kindness. And I get it, that can be so hard, since being kind is often an act of humility, we don’t want to boast about “I helped someone across the street today”. But why not? Why not talk about the nice things that we were part of today? Why not share the joy that we experienced or saw on people’s face? I know how much I love to hear about joy and happy things. Hearing them makes me feel good. Good in my body, good in my soul, good in my mind. And at the end of the day, if I feel good all around, I continue to share that good mood with my family, my children, my partner, with the people I encounter in my daily life, and in turn, also create positivity and more happiness with all of these. So yes, if you want to see kindness, maybe we have to share that kindness and BE that kindness first.

My question to you all today, “What can I do to help you today?”

Om Shanti – Kindness activist


  1. Very well written M, I wish everyone could bring happiness into their lives everyday as they would realize how much life matters day in and day out. ?


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