Letter to the editor – Kemptville Live


Dear Editor,

Many of us were misled by the quality of reporting in most local media regarding Kemptville Live’s interest in expanding onto the piece of land at the west end of their Kemptville Campus venue.

Kemptville Live is not about to clear cut this open, mixed woodland. The organization has every intention to preserve the native tree and shrub species. Perhaps deadlines prevented reporters from verifying their reports.

I met with event organizer Karen Bedard last Friday morning, and was assured Kemptville Live will move carefully onto the property.

A small portion of the south side of site is generally clear of trees. Initially, they want this open for vendor camping this year. From an established forest access lane, it is clearly demarcated by a ditch to east and a row of Manitoba Maples to the north.
Ms. Bedard said the Honey Locust growing here will be protected, as will the habitat that has developed in the ditch/trench.

She also said Kemptville Live will proceed with care, once the leaves have fallen, to remove invasive species and unhealthy trees with advice from the Eastern Ontario Model Forest, which has an office on the Kemptville Campus. I’d also suggest Dr. Fred Schueler be consulted because he and I walked the property in question after the request to Council appeared in the media.

I am confident this project will proceed slowly with care. Kemptville Live has no interest in alienating the people of North Grenville.

The Kemptville Campus is many things in the public mind, but everyone wants the best use made of the property once final decisions are made regarding the Kemptville Campus as an Education and Community Centre.

Michael Whittaker


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