Letter to the editor – Jim Bertram


Dear Editor,

I support Jim Bertram for mayor of North Grenville. His service to the community as councillor over the last four years has proved him a man with firm principles. He understands democracy.

Earlier this year, he refused to put his name to the infamous letter, signed by the current mayor and three councillors, accusing voters and the North Grenville Times of insults, derision, and derogatory comments. Those thin-skinned signatories fail to grasp the electors do not serve them. Those voted into office serve the citizens of North Grenville.

Elected officials must listen to the electorate, and be prepared for criticism arising from their actions and decisions. Jim Bertram has proved himself willing to take principled stands, and bear the consequences without resorting to childish lashings at his detractors.

I have not agreed with every position Jim has taken in council, but I believe he is not there for self-aggrandizement. Democracies get the governments they deserve. When Jim Bertram is mayor, North Grenville will be well served.

Michael Whittaker


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