Letter to the editor – inter-library loans


Dear Editor,

Regarding the reply by Steve Clark MPP to my open letter, I asked for more details than the usual speaking points. Well, the answer was longer than I expected, but requiring some thought on our part.

Some people may have recognized the paucity and vacuity of Mr. Clark’s answers based on the Conservative Party line. The Ford Government cut funding without consultation, and leaving the hard decisions to the libraries alone. If the government is committed to finding efficiencies as our MPP said, perhaps the Ministry of Tourism, Sport, and Culture would have opened discussions to identify cost savings for service delivery and to maintain programs before wielding the axe. Thus the difficult decision to cut SOLS and OLS-N.

Now as suggested by Stephen Hammond in his recent letter, the Canadian Postal Service may be able to offer an equitable service, and perhaps at a saving. That should have been an option for investigation before the budget cut, and we would have a timely comparison. And not a doctrinaire, “If it’s going to save the taxpayers of this province 75% of $1.3 million, just do it.”

Imagine a de facto salary cut by 75 per cent. No negotiation. Now choose between paying your mortgage and eating, or meeting other monthly expenses. Essentially that is what the Ford Government offered.

I will continue to offer very vocal, and sometimes what may be deemed unfair, criticism. I owe allegiance to no party.

Michael Whittaker


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