Letter to the Editor – Impeachment


Dear Editor,
I listened to the impeachment trial, the first segment, of Donald J. Trump, on North Country Public Radio, and heard the ‘house managers’ describing what happened to them that day of the inauguration. They described how a police officer was stabbed, pierced with the pole with the American flag still on it. Police officers with multiple injuries, brain damage, eyes gouged and more. And meanwhile, Donald Trump was reported watching this from safety in the White House and obviously taking pleasure in all of it. One of the ‘house managers’ described taking his wife and children to the inauguration and they had to run for their lives and hide under a desk in his office and thought they were going to die. He described the sound of the ramming of the doors to the chamber as one of the most horrible sounds he had ever heard. Surely politics should not be in question here. Donald Trump has never shown remorse for the people who died during the insurrection or the horror those who witnessed it suffered.

I could never have any patience for anyone who could sympathize with this evil man. Trump’s most ardent supporters are criminals.

Kath Piche


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