Letter to the editor – human response


Dear Editor,

Just a little observation, kind of about the human response I guess… We happen to be in an area that was really hard hit during the ice storm of 1998. At first, the landscape of broken trees everywhere was so sad and horrifying, but somehow we became accustomed to it. And for years our landscape included of lots of broken trees. We were so used to it that even a few years after the ice storm, if we drove someplace where the storm hadn’t hit as hard, it was remarkable to see a ‘normal’ landscape of trees that were all still standing. It looked weird. Now just tuck that thought into your pocket for a sec…

I’m a pretty huggy sort of a person. And I think, generally speaking, we’re a pretty huggy society. Well, it’s pretty normal to hug friends and family and kiss them on the cheek when coming and going, or just to say I Love You. To hold hands. To enter a venue or cross the street en masse with a bunch of strangers. To shake hands with folks. To high five. I often watch cheery videos on youtube, and in these days of fear and uncertainly I think I need a daily dose of that maybe more than ever. The weird thing is I watch these happy videos from pre-pandemic days, and I find myself cringing every time someone hugs or crosses the street en masse or shakes hands, etc.

Remember the part about the broken trees becoming the new normal? And how an unscathed landscape was remarkable? So my little observation is about how this pandemic situation is already influencing our psyche. And that’s a good thing, actually. It means we’re aware of what we need to do to keep ourselves and everyone around us safe. Take care, my dears.

Thank you to all the folks who are continuing to work outside of the home just to keep us all going. From health care to garbage pick-up, from groceries to pharmacies, and yes, beer and wine stores, and so much more. Thanks for being there. Everyone else, stay home, please. If you’re going to the store, ONE person go. Don’t all go. We’ll get through this, and the standing trees and hugging friends will be normal once again. But only if we follow the rules.
Terry Brewer


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