Letter to the Editor – Health Care


Dear Editor,

Have to reply to Colin Creasey’s letter about health care.

All his reasons for the extra cost of private care are incorrect. 

Higher costs will not be an issue because clients will use their health card like a debit card, but the money comes from the province. Standard fee for a standard procedure.

Extra billing? I don’t think there are a lot of options when it comes to having cataracts removed, or a hip joint replaced.  Private clinics might do things differently to save money? Innovation is a good thing.

The public would not pay for capital assets, that’s the definition of private, it comes from private money.

Duplicate administration? The Ottawa hospital has 11 Vice Presidents, and all the support staff and office space that goes with it.

Staffing shortages? Maybe people wouldn’t quit the system if they had 9 to 5 jobs and weren’t forced to work overtime.

All operating rooms in hospitals need to be fully equipped to handle anything. A private operating room could be equipped with just what is needed.

There are lots of ways private health care can help without causing the end of the world. Let’s give it a try to see what can be done.

Bob Swaren



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