Letter to the editor – health care


Dear Editor,

Colin Creasey speaks of one of my greatest fears: the privatizing of our Health Care. I myself have no “private insurance”. I guess I went merrily along the way thinking everything was fine, until Doug Ford got elected.

Now it becomes like the U. S. I’m presently reading Bernie Sander’s book “Where Do We Go From Here”. He states that “According to the non-partisan Tax Policy Center, by the end of the decade 83% of the tax benefits in Trump’s tax plan would go to the top 1%. The top one-tenth of 1% would receive 60% of Trump’s tax breaks. Meanwhile, 92 million middle-class Americans would actually be paying more in taxes in a ten-year period, including 8 million in the first year alone. The tax breaks for the large corporations would be made permanent.

“Many millions of struggling working-class and middle-class families will end up paying more in taxes. For my Republican colleagues, deficits are unacceptable when they result from investments in Health Care, Education, affordable housing, or virtually any program that benefits working people.

“But when it comes to tax breaks for the billionaires and large corporations, deficits are no longer a problem. And the tax bill would increase the deficit by more than $1.5 trillion over the next decade”.

The old saying, “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer”, still applies, unfortunately.

But I never thought they would take away our Public Health Care so that no-one goes without. Guess where the best doctors will go? Unless they’re very altruistic, which I doubt.

I couldn’t agree more with you on your viewpoint of the situation. I am so thankful that someone out there understands; if only there were many, many more who could understand the gravity of the situation. We are being duped, as big as it gets.

Kath. L. Piché


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