Letter to the Editor – Hats off to Kemptville


Dear Editor,

I may live in Ottawa, but I have enjoyed the warm embrace of Kemptville during covid from afar. I have two sisters who live in the town, which gives me cause to know it better. And in particular, great service from local businesses who are just a phone call away.

In one case, the sales person at Business Strategies not only rustled up the desired puzzle purchase I made, but had everything to make the gift a memorable one. It was wrapped in birthday paper for me, gratis, a card was purchased and filled in with my mystery greetings to my sister, and delivered to her doorstep that very day. I didn’t even have to leave my house to make it happen. Now that had my sister wondering!

The florist at the B&H created beautiful arrangements of flowers, all in varying arrays of yellows and golds, for my birthday. This was a huge surprise and, let me tell you, five special bouquets can make your home glow! Each bouquet was from one of my siblings, and since we are a family of six kids, that made an inside garden of my home. Delightful, since it was just the beginning of March.

I still have remnants of the bouquets, there is fresh greenery in water, with branches of pussy willow, which originally came with a gorgeous grouping of yellow tulips with blue irises. My sisters and I were able to reminisce about going down to the river from our farm in Cumberland to cut pussy willow branches in Spring when we were young. And, to top it all off, the pussy willows have sprouted roots!

So hats off to Kemptville! Thank you for your attention to detail, which I am still enjoying on this rainy spring day. 

Claire MacDonald


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