Letter to the Editor – Green Bins


Dear Editor,

This morning, I was bringing my recycling to the curbside for pickup, and I was wondering in what state of mind was the engineer who designed the green bin. I was bending quite low in order to wheel my bin to the curb, resulting in a lower back pain.

Those bins are designed for children or short people, and are not ergonomic for “adult normal size” users.

On the other hand, I do appreciate what the municipality does in order to reduce the waste going to landfill. However, I do not understand the weight limitation (40 pounds… what is that in metric?) We are allowed 50 pounds of garbage per bag. Anyhow, to make a story short: I shall transfer my overweight green bin into a garbage bag, stick a tag, and my compost will go to the landfill. Green thumbs up!

As my reject note said: Working together to reduce waste!
Erick Le Pors


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