Letter to the editor – GPS & Gas Prices


Dear Editor,
I read the comments (and I don’t think North Grenville is on any maps or GPS) and I beg to differ. I live on the outskirts of Kemptville. Pizza delivery boundaries (10k). When I enter my address in the GPS and enter Kemptville, it is lost. It sends me in another direction. But, if I enter North Grenville, it brings me home.

On another note: What is happening with the gas prices in Kemptville? I commute to Ottawa/ Kanata every day and, in the last few months, the prices have been 4/5 cents cheaper. I believe in buying local, but all five gas stations in Kemptville are the same price, within a few decimal points. What is up with that? Where is the competition? In my mind, there is only one that is cheaper and that is the one that gives full service. They get my business.



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