Letter to the editor – Good Samaritans


Dear Editor,

I witnessed and helped three Good Samaritans today. It is so wonderful to see people help out a dear man in distress. On the corner of VanBuren and Prescott, an older man was stalled with his car at the intersection. Unfortunately, when I came upon the scene on my bike, another man from a truck was stopped five cars behind this stalled car and was yelling and swearing at the older man in the car. Fortunately, Samaritan #1 came across the street from the corner business and convinced the angry man that he was not helping. Then he was joined by Samaritan #2 (D’von), and they helped the older man by pushing his car through the intersection. D’von then ran to get some gas and Samaritan #3 (a lady) ran home and got more. While I talked to the man and kept him company, they filled up the car and eventually D’von was able to get it started and helped the man by driving him to the hospital. Everyone was safe, and it was wonderful to see a community of people coming together to help another human being who was in distress. Wonderful to live in Kemptville!!

Helen MacGregor


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