Letter to the Editor – Garbage


Dear Editor,

Easter Saturday, my husband, David, and I drove over to “Fat Les’s” chip wagon on VanBuren Street for a container of french fries. We then proceeded to Curry Park to munch on them while watching the kayakers bringing their kayaks out of the water. A good windy day to be out on the South Branch. I decided to walk home, so off I went along the rail trail which comes out on Clothier St. west of Graham’s Bakery, while David drove home after doing a few errands. Now, last week was “North Grenville Clean Up” week. Plastic bags could be picked up at the Municipal office and did not have to be tagged on garbage day in your area. I told my husband I would like to pick up a garbage bag from the Municipal Centre and fill it with garbage that has blown around the streets over the winter months, but also the pizza plates, pop cans, take out coffee cups, and food containers some people throw out their car window after they are finished with it.

The number of pizza plates from the local pizzeria I have picked up off the sidewalks and streets would fill a garbage can. I have often thought it would be nice if the Municipality would place a garbage can outside pizzerias, but then, on second thought, why bother, because most of the people coming out of the pizzeria with their slice of pizza would just toss the plate on the sidewalk or street, no matter how many garbage cans the municipality placed in front of the building. I DO NOT GET IT! How difficult is it to either take your garbage home in your car, or drop it into one of the many garbage cans provided by the Municipality for your convenience along the downtown streets? I know garbage pickup is a necessary job in every community, but do yah’ think those people who like to “toss their garbage on the street or sidewalk” would just take a minute and THINK ABOUT what they are doing.

Josephine Herman


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