Letter to the editor – fundamentals of journalism


Dear Editor,

Mr. Lachance, one of the many great things the North Grenville Times and other Newspapers provide is the freedom to choose what we wish to read! I no longer watch or listen to TV or Radio News, thank goodness for the off button.

As for Social Media, I don’t have the whatchamacallit thingamajig to go there and that’s probably a good thing.

We do agree, the NG Times is a great Newspaper.

I’m not sure how using Firefighters and Pilots relates to Mr.Shanahan’s article.

Please let me take the liberty to use my own example. I’m a passenger on any Airline and the pilot comes on the PA and says ”this is your pilot, we’ve lost both engines”. Please feel free to pray if you wish!, I know what I will be doing and won’t be arguing if it’s the right or wrong place to do it.

I was brought up reading the in print Newspaper and will continue as longs as I can.

Thank You David, Great Paper!

Keep on Keeping On.
Dell Bower


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