Letter to the editor – Fundamentals of Journalism


Dear Editor,

I have read over the past few weeks the discussion regarding Mr. Shanahan’s inclusion of a religious component in his publishing of the North Grenville Times. I believe Willem Van Dam countered those in opposition of Mr. Shanahan’s religious articles quite nicely.

The North Grenville Times is not a publication put forth by the municipality of North Grenville, and as such has no requirement to represent, or even keep in mind, the views of the entire populace.

That said, should someone else decide they would like to contribute an article to the paper detailing their own experiences in faith, I would bet Mr. Shanahan would be happy to include other people’s views and beliefs.

I am a regular reader of the North Grenville Times, and sometimes I agree with Mr. Shanahan’s thoughts on religion, and sometimes I don’t. I would though, encourage anyone who finds the content of the religious articles, “distasteful” or “disturbing” to simply carry on to the next article of interest to them.

Christopher A. McGahey North Grenville


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