Letter to the editor – fundamentals of journalism


Dear Editor,

I have always remembered hearing the expression “don’t believe everything you read in the newspaper”, today we could also say “don’t believe everything you read on the internet” Twitter has become the platform of choice to vent one’s point of view and frustrations. We can’t stop this method of communication but it has many unsettling and dangerous connotations attached to it, as witnessed in the modern world.

All newspapers show an opinion and sometimes bias that is supported by the editor, and who sometimes is the owner, and, let’s face it, the editor always has the last word.

I look forward and enjoy reading the NGT each week and have done so since it’s conception in Kemptville a few years ago. There are many interesting articles to read about the wonderful people of our community, the efforts of many individuals and groups are amazing, plus a calendar of upcoming events. However, let’s not forget people have the right to express their views as long as they are not in a prejudiced or hateful manner.

Sometimes religious and political points of view have a habit of clashing.

Nick Brooks


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