Letter to the editor – fundamentals of journalism


Dear Editor,

Re: Lachance-Editor articles

I wish to give my opinion on this matter. First of all, I am a present Agnostic and have had the history of Christian beliefs and life for over 25 years. As I read these two articles, I couldn’t help but think when Jesus stated, that his Kingdom was no part of this world. The NGT does have many articles on politics…local and provincial/national. I tend to agree with Mr. Lachance, however, not with all his reasons. I do not agree with a ‘weekly half-page religious commentary’ based on one man’s (editor) religious opinion and views. As a suggestion, for diversity and education for others, why doesn’t the newspaper install a ‘church/religious corner’ section that can make community church annoucements and/or have various religious opinions, views, etc. We can all use education as to various views of religion/churches of our fellow community members…after all, everyone should have a voice. Church and religion is still part of our community, however, I do feel uncomfortable when our local editor prints a weekly article based on his own religious belief/views. In my opinion, as a NGT reader, it should not be included within this platform.

Sincerely, Robert L.
from North Grenville


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