Letter to the Editor – Freedom Convoy


Dear Editor,

I just finished reading your editorial piece of the February 16, issue of The North Grenville Times. I think it explains my sentiments exactly. Who are these people protesting in downtown Ottawa and other locations of this great, FREE SPEECH, Canada? Firstly, I am embarrassed and saddened to see how our national flag is being touted about, worn as capes, and just plain desecrated to my mind. Then these people shouting “FREEDOM”. I would like to know what they think freedom is! There is NO FREEDOM without RESPONSIBILITY. Just as we wouldn’t dream of leaving young children unsupervised all day, why there are rules as to when a person can have the responsibility to get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Why children do not cast a political vote until a certain age……you get the picture.

However, what is happening in some cities across this great nation is so very disturbing. I was not alive when Hitler and his ilk came into power; however, I have read enough about the despicable, cruel behaviour. So, what is going on right now because people do not want to be vaccinated against COVID  is very scary. If a person does not want to get vaccinated against COVID, that is their choice. However, with every choice we make, there are responsibilities and consequences.

Frustrated ,

Josephine Herman


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