Letter to the Editor – Freedom Convoy


Dear Editor,

Are they asking the right questions of themselves?

This morning on CBC, the Mayor of the City of Ottawa is reported as saying that they need to find out why what has been called “an illegal blockade “ happened, and what should have been done to prevent this from happening. It was also reported on CBC that the Prime Minister had stated early on during this illegal blockade that the police had not used all of the tools available to them to end the illegal activities happening in the City.

Residents of the City of Ottawa have just had to put up with more than three weeks of terror and anarchy. Residents were unable to go to work, shop owners were unable to open their businesses, people were unable to access doctors and dentists offices. Residents of the downtown core were also subjected to fear for their safety, and the constant violation of the peace and tranquility of their neighbourhood.

Questions and Comments:

Why was criminal code, section 63 (1) “Unlawful Assembly” not put into effect? Violations of this criminal code have a maximum sentence of two years less a day imprisonment, and or a $5,000 fine.

I wonder if violations of section 46 of the Criminal Code, “any person who resists or willfully obstructs a public officer or a police officer in the execution of his duty… is guilty of an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term not to exceed two years upon summary conviction”, will be acted on?

Although the charge of “mischief” can have graver consequence for lawbreakers, I believe that it only deals with offences against property, not the peace of the community.

If the police are responsible for upholding the criminal code, and they fail to do so, are they breaking the law? Does the term, “peaceful conclusion”, to the illegal blockade only apply to the perpetrators of the illegal activity? There was no peace for the residents of the City.

Why are the police only talking about bylaw infractions? Are the police afraid to uphold the law? Are members of Parliament who physically take part in an illegal activity, and appear to support that illegal activity, acting illegally? Are members of the police force that support, through their own actions, an illegal activity, acting illegally? Is an omission to act, an illegal act?

It has been reported on CBC that the government has plans to compensate business owners for losses due to the illegal blockade, nothing was mentioned of support for the people who lost wages because they could not go to work. Is that justice?

I wonder why we continue to pay the salaries to public officials that do not act in the best interests of the majority of Canadians? I can no longer fly the flag of Canada because, in the last three weeks, it has been turned into a symbol of terrorism and anarchy. That in itself is the greatest crime of all.

Richard Banks


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