Letter to the editor – free speech


Dear Editor,

In reference to “On the road to find out”: ‘We have the right to free speech’. We need to value that very highly. Think of the journalist who lost his life recently in Turkey. We do not have the right to hate monger. We do have some laws to help with that, I believe. I do not use social media, so I was not aware of those comments. Once, a few years ago, I agreed to have a political sign put on my property. A neighbour called to ask me what my father would have thought about that. Maybe just a little intimidating?

In my opinion, Donald Trump does stir up hate and the worst in people. Divisive in the extreme. Whoever could suggests that the Prime Minister should be murdered is definitely a Hate Monger, and worse.

There is a letter in this week’s NG Times whose author speaks well for me. My voting strategy is also ABC. They don’t protect the environment, or do anything about climate change; destroy wildlife, habitat, natural environments, if it means more money in our pockets. There is no longer a provincial advocate for children, the environment, or the French community.

The Premier has put at the head of the OPP a Commissioner who is a family friend. How can that be objective?

Thanks again, another good and informative letter from Colin Creasey. Also, I didn’t realise it was the Snowmobile Club that was involved with the Rail Trail. I use that trail often, and like to be away from traffic.

Kath Piché.


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