Letter to the editor – Ferguson Forest


Dear Editor,

In reference to the Editorial, “Coming back to you”: thank you for reminding us about who saved the Ferguson Forest Centre and the great effort of then Councillor Terry Butler.

Thankfully, we have this municipal council and I believe they will try to do the right thing, but I am sorry for the hit by this provincial government cancelling the 50 Million Trees program.

There is no doubt in this day and age that we need more trees, not less. They are the lungs of the Earth. We are facing serious climate change without a doubt.

Again, I couldn’t agree more with Colin Creasey. I keep repeating myself, but he speaks out against this horrible regime that we are now under. Where are the ‘voices’ of those who voted for this?

The Library hit, SOLS, cutting funds by 50%, also affects this community greatly.
In today’s Citizen was mentioned the job losses of teachers in the areas, including Kemptville.

People just don’t seem to understand how the carbon tax will benefit them in the end. Especially for those who like to breathe well! Ford is essentially stealing from us by the carbon tax stickers, paid for by us, the taxpayers; also as Colin Creasey says, the court challenge and the untold $millions of our tax money for an advertising campaign on TV and radio against the federal carbon tax.

I also hear on the news that they are planning to raise the speed limit to 130kph on more highways. Great! What’s next? Anyone’s guess.

Kath Piché


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