Letter to the editor – Farmers’ Market


Dear Editor,

I just read your editorial concerning the “Farmers market backpeddles on charity”. One might not think that a more ridiculous situation could arise, but having gone to this market to buy a loaf of bread we were met with the rule that the vendors could not sell their wares before 12 noon. This timing was decided by a rather rotund figure ringing a bell. Apparently if you were to sell to a customer prior to that time, you could be fined, or disallowed from future selling.

If this is a farmer’s market why would it not be open in the morning? Farmers do get up early and prepare their products early, for immediate sale. I note that the local B and H store opens at 9 am, on Sundays. I note that the Farmers market in Alexandria (a like sized rural municipality) opens at 8:30am. Are there municipal bylaws determining the times of opening the market? I have no idea who the market manager, Kelly Broad is, or how she got her job, but would be interested to learn of her agricultural background. I would humbly suggest that whoever is running this market ( if they would like it to continue) should get their head out of their nether regions, and start running it like a farmers market!!!

John Hall


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