Letter to the editor – factual error


Dear Editor,

In my letter to the editor of October 3, 2018, I made a factual error concerning the attendance of certain people on the first of three nights of the 2018 budget meetings. On the first night of the 2018 budget meetings, I can confirm from the video record that Nancy Peckford, Kirsten Strackerjan, and John Barclay presented their requests (for the splashpad/mini-center, Riverside Park revitalization, and waterfront trail) at the beginning, and then again at the very end of the first night’s meeting. I had stated that they were there for only the first minutes and then left. I had also stated that John Barclay attended part of the first night.

There was an error in my notes and in my recollection of the first night. I discovered this error while watching the entire video record of the 2018 budget meetings. As soon as I found this error, I immediately informed the North Grenville Times and asked that this correction be published as soon as possible. I’m human and I made a mistake and I am sorry for this error of recollection. I am usually very careful with the facts of anything I write. You can verify the facts of my letter by watching the video record on the municipal website.

I stand by the other factual and analytical contents of the Oct. 3 letter.
Stephen Hammond


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