Letter to the Editor – Face Masks


Dear Editor,

Good day. This may sound like a trivial observation, but today I was running some errands in Kemptville and needed to park in the municipal parking lot near the Legion. The students of North Grenville District High School had apparently just been dismissed for the day and many groups of students were walking, scootering, and skateboarding together toward home or after-school commitments. I want to commend our young people for following the mask-wearing rules and recommendations during this COVID-19 pandemic. The vast majority of the young people I observed leaving school were wearing masks and respecting public health recommendations and I wish to commend them for their efforts. This is not an easy time for anyone, least of all our young people who have been cut off from friends, social activities, sports teams, and all such group activities that contribute so much to their development as future community members and leaders. Thank you for helping to keep yourselves safe and protecting our vulnerable community members from this dreadful infection. Some of us within our community should take a page from the book of our local youth. Once again, it has been proven to me that our future is in good hands.

Karen Humphries


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