Letter to the editor – face masks


Dear Editor,

The current topic these days is mainly about face masks. Now, after four months, people living in Ottawa, surrounding municipalities, and the rest of Ontario are being mandated to wear them when entering most businesses, excluding restaurants and bars where other safety health measures are implemented. Why has it taken so long to come to this decision, which was employed in several Asian countries, with great success, back in February. It seems that our Federal Government and Premiers needed more data and models from our own health experts and scientists around the world before coming to the conclusion that this is a wise move and a very inexpensive one. Non-medical face masks were available in the big retail stores months ago; initially there were shortages along with toilet paper and flour, but that was four months ago. I wonder how many lives would have been saved if the powers that be had made masks mandatory much sooner. Getting the economy up and running is still a major challenge, but with the introduction of masks earlier, maybe the slow process could have begun sooner. It’s too late now, and hindsight is a wonderful thing, but many people might be alive today if we had acted sooner. Hopefully our government will do better in the future.

Canada is not alone in taking a slow approach to wearing masks; the UK is only making them mandatory next week, and the USA, the most affected country in the world, still isn’t fully in agreement with the idea.

Nick Brooks


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