Letter to the editor – environment


Dear Editor,

This past weekend, someone down the road took the opportunity to burn large piles of brush, left over from land clearing. There was a high hoe feeding the fire, with leaping flames that were not deterred by the damp weather. The site made me think of the forest fires in the Amazon Basin. A situation in which most of the world wags a judgemental finger at Brazil, while saying “How can they do that?”

Which is more critical to us, a jungle 5,000 km away or the forests right here? I would argue that both are important. If we are going to be active in making this a good world to hand on to our children, we need to enlarge our value system and cherish that which has nurtured us since our beginning.  Simple acts like taking a walk, paddling a canoe or keeping garbage to a minimum, contribute to our sense of being a part of nature, not its master.

Marc Nadeau


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