Letter to the editor – English language


Dear Editor,

I enjoyed your article in the North Grenville Times concerning words and the English language. I believe the young people are now showing the effects of lack of grammar punctuation in school.

My granddaughter’s university friends cannot spell properly, or even write a sentence with correct punctuation. Your article reminded me of a portion of Reeve Lindburgh’s book about her mother, Anne Morrow Lindburgh, entitled, “No More Words”. This was an example Reeve used showing how different punctuation can change the meaning of a sentence:

The sentence: “A woman without her man is nothing”.
Men’s punctuation: “A woman, without her man, is nothing”.
Women’s punctuation: “A woman – without her, man is nothing”.

Some of my irritating examples: “off – of”, “return back”, and “like” used in every other word of a sentence.

Helen Trimble


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