Letter to the editor – educational resource


Dear Editor,

This morning I had to stop along Highway 44 to allow a little group of kindergarten kids with their teacher and other helpers, to cross the road from Kemptville Public School to the Ferguson Forest, on a field trip.

Lucky kids, wise teacher. As a former high school geography teacher and field trip organizer myself, I know well the immense value of such trips, as well as how much fun they are, exposing children at a young age to the beauty and intricacies of the natural world. How wonderful the teacher was taking advantage of the school’s proximity to the forest… a two-minute walk away. It’s vital for all kids to understand the environmental systems which govern the way we live, something which has been brought sharply into focus as we become aware of the urgency of the climate crisis. Congratulations to the teacher for providing this amazing experience to her young students.

We’re so fortunate to have the forest on our doorstep. We must continue to cherish it as an educational resource, and local treasure.

Monica Wallace,


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