Letter to the Editor – Dogs & Businesses


Dear Editor,

There is a small but important feature of our community that warrants recognition. That is the fact that several local businesses allow and even encourage dogs to enter their premises with their owners. My dog loves going to stores and other businesses. The first obvious benefit is that owners don’t have to leave dogs in vehicles in hot or cold weather. They should not do so anyway, but this way they can take pooch along for a trip. The greatest benefit is that it provides an important opportunity to socialise dogs, get them used to being in public, and used to different noises and smells. I frequently take my dog to stores to walk around the aisles so he can practice healing (walking) on a loose leash and stay beside me through turns. I also take him to get used to being around other people and behaving appropriately. The walking often results in me buying something I hadn’t planned on! It is good for business and customer satisfaction. Some folks may not like dogs being present. The dog owners must be responsible for controlling the dog. In four years of doing this frequently, I have never had a negative experience with anyone in a store or business. If you are someone who doesn’t like it, I hope you will be tolerant and realise the wider benefit. There are many dog owners in our area, so many people appreciate this benefit. I had suggested a few years ago that the North Grenville Times do a story on this, but I guess it was deemed unworthy. I had hoped you would look into it so we would have a fuller list of those businesses that follow this wonderful practice. I can highlight those I have experienced, but I am sure there will be others I am unaware of and I am sorry for those that I miss. I have taken my dog to: Canadian Tire, Kemptville Building Centre (KBC- BMR), Peavey Mart, Perkins Lumber, CIBC, Aquarius Pools, Pet Valu, Healthy Pets, Quist & Humphreys, and Spirit Leaf (I was buying CBD!). The cashiers at Canadian Tire, Peavey Mart and KBC almost always have treats for the dogs and love to see them. Family and friends from out of town are amazed that we can take our dogs into so many businesses. This is something that sets us apart. I want to thank all the business owners and managers that allow us to take our dogs into their businesses. I am sure I am not alone in being greatly appreciative of this privilege.  

William Vanveen,



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