Letter to the editor – off-leash dogs


Dear Editor,

I wanted to reach out and say that the article I read, written by Heather Ruth Samson, re Ferguson Forest, was a long time coming. I have lived here for 15 years plus and I totally agree with what the article says. I have seen the forests over time and we are seeing more garbage, pooh, cigarette butts, etc.. Very sad….

I think no dogs should be allowed on the trails unless they are on the leash at all times. If they want them off, that is what the dog park is for! My dogs were always on leashes at public trails, no and’s, if’s or but’s!

In March of 2019, I took the twins to walk on the trails, I told them we would have to be careful as the snow was melting and we would see dog pooh and be careful where we walked. It was really bad, I mean really bad, not just a little pooh, it was everywhere!! We have not been back since.

I just pray the people who are not so responsible and considerate with their pet dog, read this article.

Terry McMurray Wallace, CPA CGA


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