Letter to the editor – dog poop



With the nice weather I have stopped walking the rail trail, because the black flies will be making their appearance soon. I have begun walking the running track behind the ball fields in Riverside Park. I have noticed for the second day in a row the poop from a large dog or dogs directly on the paving stones in front of the entrance to the swimming pool. To say it makes me angry would be an understatement. Today when I finished my walk instead, of walking along the parking lot and then on to the sidewalk leading to the pool and further on past the old fire hall, I took a short cut and walked over the grass toward the tennis courts and from there began counting my paces from the garbage and recycling bins in front of the tennis courts to the “deposits” left directly in front of the doors to the pool building. It came to 120 paces. So for the people who own dogs and are too lazy to pick up after them and walk 120 paces to the garbage cans in front of the tennis courts, remember that one of the reasons there is sometimes a strong chlorine smell in our tap water is partially due to the fact that YOUR irresponsible behaviour will eventually lead to the poop being washed into the ground water after the next rain storm and particles potentially ending up in the town’s wells. So please, dog owners don’t be lazy. If you are going to own a dog please “stoop and scoop”, who knows that bending could be good exercise for your backs.

Cranky in Kemptville;
Josephine Herman


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