Letter to the editor – Doctrine of Discovery


Dear Editor,

Thank you for publishing the two articles on the Doctrine of Discovery and “Losers, Weepers”, clarifying the roots of the disordered relationship in our country between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous peoples. After spending 40+ years immersed in Indigenous (primarily Inuit) cultures, I have observed that, as much as we ‘Canadians’ respect and live into our heritage as a country with Indigenous roots, we are enriched as individuals, and our families and communities thrive. On the other hand, when mainstream Canadians continue to ignore and denigrate the Indigenous elements, and, more importantly, Indigenous peoples and Indigenous principles of connection – to Creator, to creation, to family members close and humanity at large – we disintegrate as individuals, families and communities, and stumble into many obscene practices, such as those that kill babies in utero, institutionalize and euthanize our elders, and rape the land and oceans for the profit of wealthy tycoons. It is not so much a choice as a necessity that each ‘Canadian’ embrace and engage Indigenous practices that are tried and true “good” ways of inhabiting this land of ours that we call ‘Canada’ (probably a Huron-Iroquois word “kanata,” meaning “village” or “settlement.”). After all, we are, each of us as Canadians, signatories to all of the Treaties and Land Claims Agreements that have been signed in good faith by First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples. It is time to honor these agreements with dignity and integrity, care and wisdom. Let us all in North Grenville embrace the Truth of our Ìndigenaity` with love.

Bev Illauq


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